achieving #bossbabe status. Together. 

Looking for a place to publish your work? Excited to expand your global network and gain some fabulous life experience along the way? Do you have an infectious personality that inspires others? We are accepting submissions to join the VINA Society, and we’re looking for ladies just like you!



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We ❤️ our community. We want to give our passionate evangelists the official opportunity to support the VINA mission of connecting, empowering, and celebrating women around the world! 

VINA Society Ambassadors spread the VINA love in their city as volunteer spokeswomen. This is a special opportunity for connectors, community builders, and all-around sisterhood evangelists to grow their local VINA community while gaining valuable experience and exposure.

VINA Society Contributors are writers, artists, photographers, and mixed media mavens who want to share their unique perspective to empower and connect women! Their work will be featured on ✌️VINAZINE and our social channels, as well as other marketing collateral.

If you’d like to contribute to the ✌️VINAZINE or become a VINA Ambassador of your city, please read the following details and fill out this form.


VINA society opportunities:

  • Writers & Bloggers
  • Photographers  
  • Artists
  • Community Builders


The ideal VINA Society Ambassador boasts the following:

  • Positive, infectious attitude
  • Clever and resourceful
  • Passionate about connecting and celebrating women
  • Natural and dependable leader who loves to improve the community around her
  • Fabulous communicator, both online and offline
  • Fierce networker who loves to meet new people

As a VINA Society Ambassador, you will:

  • Create fresh, engaging content for ✌️VINAZINE
  • Connecting with local women’s groups and organizations that could partner with VINA
  • Plan local events -- up to one per quarter
  • Promote VINA through your personal online communities


Benefits of joining VINA Society:

  • Name and bio listed on our VINA Society page on VINA’s website
  • Opportunity to build a community focused on empowering, connecting, and celebrating women
  • Exclusive access to a group of women who are also passionate about the VINA brand
  • Special events, surprises, and more!


Ready to join?